No No Hair Removal 8800 model is doing very well considering it has more than 2.5 million units sold, it was also voted the best product of the year by more than sixty thousand Americans. In this article, we shall look at how NO No Hair Removal 8800 model works where we shall base our argument on the experience of a customer who has been using the product for fourteen months.

How Does No No Hair Removal Work

     No No hair removal helps reduce the hair amount in your body and increase the time the hair takes to grow back. No No Hair Removal has an innovative shape which means you can use it to remove hair in every cranny and hook that is hard to reach. No No can be used to remove hair in every part of your body, for instance, your face, bikini line, chest, legs, and even your arms.

The device has a shape and a design of a razor, however, it does not do the actual cutting, instead, it uses a thermodynamic wire to transmit heat which in turn cut the hair follicles. The thermodynamic wire has buffers which make sure your skin comes to no harm during the hair removal. The thermodynamic wire also cut the communication between the bulge and the hair follicle which in turn reduce the rate of hair growth.

Pros of No No Hair Removal

     You do not need any skills to use the device since it is small and compatible which means so long as you are good with the everyday razor you can comfortably use the device. No No hair removal is also risk-free, in fact, it is a hundred percent safe, in that by using it you don’t expose yourself to the risk of damaging your hair or your skin. The results of No No Hair Removal last for months and the exercise is completely painless.


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