1Who gets tired of shaving every 3-4 days, I know I do. Being a woman even a man has its fair share of upkeep and maintenance and shaving is one of them. There is finally something to remedy this time-consuming process, come on ladies we all know how long that complete body shave can take, let’s just say way too long to do it every day. So, let’s face it, this process is not fun however there is a remedy, it’s called the No No hair removal. This hair removal product takes care of facial hair, leg hair and everything in between.

I can tell you are wondering what is No No and how does it work? Well it’s a Pulsed Themicon technology that removes any hair follicles without any pain. I mean come on who likes to wax or thread, I know I cannot stand it. So, this product is perfect for people who are tired of getting their skinned torn and ripped from wax strips, the extreme pain and anticipation from threading and gentlemen let us not forget those cuts and ridges produced from your typical shaver.

The No No Hair Removal is priced around $250.00. I know what you’re thinking, that is an expensive product. I thought the same way however I began to calculate the many razors purchased and wax appointments paid for in one year, it ranges well over that amount. I mean this is an investment that would stand the test of time. There are some down sides to this product, some people smelled burned hair after use (which makes sense when you shave with a laser), some people also felt the prickly hairs after use, so it does not appear to get very close to the skin like a razor. It also appears that customer service is not a very responsive if you have any issues.

Best advice, do your research and look for what is right for you. No No hair removal may not work for your sister, brother, cousin, or aunt but it may be just write for you. It is quite an investment, but the worthiness of the product will be based on the consumer, what may be good for the individual, may not be good for the collective.


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